5 Tips For Choosing The Best Shredder For Your Business

Identifying which office shredder is suitable for your office can be a difficult task. When understanding your shredder requirements, there are several important factors that need to be reviewed:

1) How many users are in the office?
2) Security Levels
3) Cut Type: Strip Cut, Confetti & Micro
4) Shredder Maintenance
5) Shredder Warranties

How many users are in the office?

Identifying how many users will use the shredder is the first step in choosing the correct shredder.

Small personal shredders are suitable for offices with 1-2 users as the shredder will not be subjected to a heavy workload. Quite simply the more users who use the shredder the more maintenance will be required on the machine. Small personal shredders are simply not built for large offices with 10 -50 people.

A large number of users will require a more robust shredder that can operate without overheating, blade issues & emptying the bin.

Cut Type & Security Levels

Shredders care categorised by a security level or cut type.

Strip Cut

Strip cut will shred A4 documents into individual strips. Normally associated with P1 and P2 shredders. Strip cut is more frequently used in small offices or for personal shredding. Although strip cut will shred the documents into individual strips with a bit of time they could be pieced back together. Strip cut shredders will shred paper up to 35 pieces.

Cross Cut

Cross cut shredders use two sets of cutting teeth that shred the paper into smaller squares. Cross cut shredders are associated with P3 and P4. Cross cut shredders will shred paper up to 400 pieces.


Micro Cut

Micro cut shredders offer the highest level of security as the paper is shredded into confetti. The paper is essentially unreadable and impossible to piece back together. Micro Cut shredders are normally associated with P5-P6. They are extremely popular in the banking, legal & financial sector. Micro cut shredders will shred paper up to 4,000 pieces.

Super Fine Micro Cut

Super fine micro cut shredders offer elite shredding technique. There are only a small number of shredders that offer this service. There are specific super fine micro cut shredders that will shred up 12,500 pieces.

Auto Feed Vs Manual Feed

This question is always asked of our office supplies team.

The Auto Feed Option:

An auto feed shredder allows users to simply open the paper tray, press the shred option and walk away. The shredder will feed and shred the documents without any intervention from the user. This option is extremely efficient for busy offices.

The Manual Option:

This option is available on a larger range of shredders. The manual option does not include any auto feed option. The user manually feeds the documents into the shredder. This can be time consuming depending on the volume of documents. This option is most used in small to medium offices.

Shredder Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your shredder healthy and working perfectly. There are a number of products that can help with keeping your shredder in super condition.

Shredder oil lubricates the cutting teeth that is supplied in a small bottle. We also provide shredder oil sheets that simple run through your shredder and lubricate the teeth while shredding.

Shredder Warranties

A 1 year minimum warranty applies to all shredders. Specific manufacturers will provide a longer warranty depending on the machine specification. Quite often manufacturers will offer a longer term warranty on the teeth or cutting blades of the shredder.
If you require any assistance while choosing a shredder our office supplies team are on hand.