Bryan S Ryan To Participate in a Major Government Framework for Managed Print Services

Brian Hayes TD, Minister of State with special responsibility for the Office of Public Works (OPW), today announced the launch of the Framework for the Supply of Managed Print Services. The Framework is expected to generate savings of up to €22 million annually over the next two to four years.

For the majority of public sector bodies their current office print regime is rather ad-hoc. A typical Government office has multiple print and imaging devices such as; photocopiers, scanners and faxes. These devices come from a wide range of different suppliers with separate supply and servicing arrangements. The ratio of print devices to staff is often in the region of 1:2 and in some cases as low as 1:1 as a large number of staff would have their own desktop printer. Un-managed print environments result in a plethora of supply arrangements generating a multitude of monthly invoices for processing, covering the supply of; toner, devices, repairs, maintenance and spare parts amongst others. This type of print environment is costly, inefficient and impossible to manage.

A Managed Print Service provides a print solution that is strategic, cost efficient and provides the public sector access to a modern and reliable service that has been tailored for the specific needs of the organisation. A single, yet comprehensive, invoice is issued every three months that covers all aspects of the print service. All-inclusive costs are measured simply and transparently on a per click basis. Framework Members will provide a minimum service level of 98% up-time and will manage the operation of the service remotely. Remote monitoring will allow for the development of preventative strategies and rapid responses.

This Framework Agreement has been established following an open competitive process, on E-Tenders and in the Official Journal of the European Union, by the National Procurement Service (NPS) of the Office of Public Works (OPW). The Framework, which is valued at €100 million over a two year period, is available to the entire, non-commercial, public sector clients including; Central Government Departments, Offices and non-commercial agencies, Local Authorities, the Irish Health Sector, the Education Sector, An Garda Siochana, the Defence Forces and the Irish Prison Service.

The Managed Print Service Framework is made up of seven pre-qualified suppliers, three of which are multi-nationals and four are indigenous SMEs. All Framework Members have a significant operational presence in Ireland. SME participation in the Framework is broad and ranges from direct membership, to SMEs delivering the services on behalf of Framework Members.

At the launch Minister Hayes said: “This Framework Agreement ticks all of the boxes as far as whole of Government Policy is concerned; it promotes indigenous SME involvement, it satisfies green public procurement requirements and it helps to fulfil many of the requirements of the Croke Park Agreement and Public Sector Reform Agenda. More significantly however, this Framework will deliver significant savings of up to €22 million per year. Subject to a full uptake, it is estimated that in the first two-years duration of the Framework, there are potential savings of €44 million. Using this Framework Agreement cuts the operating cost and substantially reduces the time required to go to market for individual Client Authorities”.

The Minster concluded by saying: “This Framework provides a tool for real public service reform that generates transparency in cost and generates savings that will be of direct benefit to all of the tax payers in this country”.

Commenting on the announcement, Brian Whyte, Managing Director of Bryan S Ryan said;“This initiative is very strategic, cost efficient and provides the public sector with access to modern and reliable services that are on par with any available in Europe.

We wholeheartedly welcome this announcement as it gives Ireland’s public sector an opportunity to drive efficiencies and provides for an agile IT and Managed Print Services environment.”

Article Source: OPW Press Office

Managing Director


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