Managed Print Services - Dealer Support Feature April 2014

Our Managed Print Service Division featured in the Dealer Support April 2014 edition. Below is a brief extract of the article:

Selling a service and a long-term business partnership

Ireland's Bryan S Ryan specialises in providing business and office supplies and was recently named one of Canon's first European MPS partners. Austin Clark finds out more from Gerry Cheung, the company's director of MPS.

As is the case with many dealers involved in business services, it's this side of the business that has led to growth in recent years and, following a merger with Office Evolutions in 2008, Bryan S Ryan became one of the largest providers of managed print services (MPS) in Ireland. The company is also Canon's largest and only Advanced Solutions Accredited Partner and has a host of vendor partnerships with the likes of Microsoft, Dell, Citrix and IBM.

So why focus on MPS as a way of growing business? Gerry Cheung, director of MPS at Bryan S Ryan, says "The MPS sector provides our company with long term contracts and a platform that allows us to expand and leverage our full suite of managed service offerings. Knowledge is a critical part of growing our business and that grows through winning business. It's a domino effect."

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