Photocopiers: Leasing & Buying Explained

Differences between buying & leasing

When making the decision to update photocopiers businesses often research the fine details of a photocopier’s features, specifications and software benefits. In many cases businesses overlook the various purchasing options.

Quite often many organisations look at purchasing a device outright, unknown to them there are several leasing options available. Businesses with very low print volume, toner consumption and servicing requirements may find that purchasing the machine outright is the best option for them.

Benefits of buying a photocopier outright

  • - You physically own the machine
  • - You can chose to upgrade the machine when you want
  • - You are responsible for toner ordering
  • - You are responsible for photocopier servicing

However, in most cases it is more beneficial and cost effective for a business to choose to lease the machine.

Benefits of leasing a photocopier

  • - Lower initial investment for devices
  • - Flexible leasing options
  • - Finance leases are treated as a fixed asset
  • - Toner usage included
  • - Photocopier servicing included
  • - Add extra machines to your lease
  • - Assistance with network connectivity

When researching whether to purchase or lease your photocopier it’s important to scope for future usage. With our leasing agreements all servicing costs, toner consumption & maintenance are included. One of the key benefits of leasing allows your business to attain a high end photocopier or printer for very little financial outlay.

All of our Canon & Kyocera machines are available to purchase outright or by leasing. Please do not hesitate to call our sales team on 01 4047900 or email