TM Blinds - Document Management Case Study

Increasing Efficiency, Document Security and User Satisfaction


T.M. Blinds Ltd is an Irish business in operation since 1980. Situated in Co. Dublin, they have grown to become Ireland’s largest manufacturer and distributor of premium blinds & shutters. They offer a bespoke and turnkey service to leading retailers and suppliers nationwide.

The Challenge

T.M. Blinds’ customer care agents process in excess of 1,000 orders per week. Orders arrive in through various channels such as; telephone, fax, and official order forms etc. All sales orders and delivery dockets were physically filed and stored away. Often when the order entered their production management system there was no link to the original paperwork. To retrieve filed paperwork in a timely fashion and dealing with queries was proving to be an almost impossible task.

The Solution

To overcome this a new workflow was introduced and this was backed up by the document management solution, Therefore, along with a barcode system. A barcode is placed on each order form allowing staff to scan the paperwork into Therefore and subsequently match each P.O.D. with the original order once delivery has taken place. Orders are now batch scanned in minutes at the end of each evening and are instantly accessible due to the search capabilities in Therefore.

The Results

• Customer care agents now have instant access to original order & proof of delivery documentation which allows them to respond instantly to incoming calls and queries.
• Query times have been reduced from weeks and sometimes months to minutes.
• Instantaneous archive and retrieval of historical business critical data.
• A scalable solution that will be leveraged within other areas of the business e.g. invoice processing in Accounts.

“Bryan S Ryan’s implementation of our Therefore solution has streamlined our entire order process. We have eliminated filing backlogs and have drastically reduced account queries. Our document management solution is scalable so that we can use it to benefit other areas of our business within the coming months.”

Mr. Philip Casey | Financial Controller | T.M. Blinds Ltd.