Photocopier Security

Understanding how your companies data is protected to comply with GDPR compliance is a necessity. 

Output Trays
Documents that are left unattended offer the highest risk. Quite often users send documents to the printer & simply forget to retrieve the documents. Our document management solutions prevent print jobs being realised from the printer without secure release.

Data security is a vital part of your photocopiers security & GDPR compliance. Sensitive or personal documents can be intercepted. An unsecure network can lead to data breaches within your organisation.

Data Capture
Data capture relates to the organisation not being able to control the destination of scanned & emailed items. For example a user sending a business document to a personal or unauthorized email address.

Device Operating System
Photocopiers & printers are similar to most technology devices, operating systems need to be updated to prevent data breached.

Cloud Connections
Connecting to offsite locations can leave your MDF open to exploitation or data breaches from external sources.

Device Storage
Sensitive data can be extracted from photocopiers & printers that do not control media storage. Data can be extracted easily from the device & leave the premises.

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