IT Virtualization

IT virtualization allows your company to consolidate IT applications onto a reduced number of servers by utilising all of the resources available on the equipment that traditionally wasn’t previously possible to achieve.IT Virtualization

Virtualization can offer your company better value for money on hardware investment, faster recovery time in the event of a critical failure.

Power consumption is also reduced as a there is a substantial reduction of equipment needed to manage your IT business applications.

Benefits of Virtualization

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Recovery time on servers can be up to 85% faster using virtualization over the traditional server build model.
  • Virtualization fully utilises the available server hardware.
  • Virtualization leads to a reduction in physical space & a significant reduction in power requirements.
  • Virtualization allows you deploy new servers within a matter of minutes.

Is Virtualization Right for your Company?

  • What are you presently using?
  • Are the applications your running compatible with Virtualization?
  • If they are what are the other companies in your sector or the application vendors recommending?
  • What are the reoccurring costs?

Bryan S Ryan can help your company with answering the questions above and help you in planning the steps involved in benefiting from all virtualization has to offer and the ongoing management required around your virtualization investment.

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