Online Based Services

Bryan S Ryan offers three specific online services that will help your business run more efficiently and effectively, day-to-day:

Email Filtering:

The full efficiency of your company email will only be realised by eliminating spam and filtering emails appropriately. By using Bryan S Ryan’s Trend Anti-Spam & Filtering Service, our hosted email content management solution, email becomes a much more efficient business tool.

Trend IHMS [Internet Hosted Mail Services] is Bryan S Ryan's hosted solution that allows clients to choose whether we provide a fully managed service solution or whether you take control of your own service via our online management portal.

Log Me Remote Assistance Services:

Log me in helps Bryan S Ryan speed up the process of dealing with a customer’s issue by cutting out the travel time to site by allowing access to the customers device through a secure remote Session.

This provides temporary, web-based remote support to servers, PCs, laptops and smart mobile devices.

Fast connectivity ensures access to clients by a secure code, email links or linking to Bryan S Ryan’s website.

Secure Sessions: Log in via 256 SSL encryption; uninstalls after support for enhanced security.

Complete Support: See and solve issues in less time with in-depth diagnostic tools.

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Online Backup:

It is essential to have backup of all your business-critical data. It guarantees security and provides business continuity. Our Online Backup service offers reliable and proven technology that is easy to use and offers the best protection at a low cost.

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