Keep your office and premises clean and tidy with our range of cleaning supplies.  Choose from our collection of waste bins, brooms & mops, vacuums, hand soap and much more.  Order today and we will deliver to you tomorrow for free! 

Cleaning Products For Business

Cleaning Products for business are frequently required for businesses as they are required for the day to day cleaning of your offices, canteen and bathrooms. Cleaning products including floor cleaners, washing up liquids, bleach and air fresheners are our best sellers. In most cases our own brand 2Work can be purchased for a fraction of the price instead of branded items.


Cleaning Products

We stock everything you may need to keep your canteen clean & safe for your employees. Choose from a range of antibacterial sprays and sanitisers from brands including Dettol, Work & CIF. Regardless of your budget we offer a wide range of cleaning products at fantastic prices.


Canteen Cleaning Products

Everything you may need to keep your canteen clean can be ground in our dishwashing section. Save on sponges, succourers, cloths, washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets. We stock a wide range of canteen cleaning products from Fairy, Vital, Finish & Sun.


Refuse & Bin Bags

We stock a wide range of refuse & bin bags in a wide range of sizes to suit your waste bin size. We offer a wide range heavy duty bags available in a wide range of pack sizes from 10 to 1000 bin liners. Most of our bin bags & refuse bags come with next day delivery.


Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers are an essential product for businesses. Our range of soap dispensers have several refillable options that allow you to refill when required. We stock several soap dispensers brands including 2Work, Deb & Tork.