Therefore™ Document Management

Most companies produce a large amount of documents every day. The information that they contain is vital to day to day running of a company. Each document is linked to a specific job or process. These documents are created, sent, stored and regularly looked for time and time again.  

Therefore™ information management software is a solution that can offer ways to improve the storage, management, and processing of these documents and the information contained within. With Therefore,  we can offer a complete end-to-end solution from input management, document management and workflow, to output management.

Our solutions team can provide you with optimum Therefore configuration for your busienss. Our solutions team can scope your business requirements & create workflows to optimise your business process.

Key Benefits of Therefore

  • Capture
    Easily capture your paper or electronic information for secure archiving.

  • Find and Edit
    Easily search for information, and collaboratively edit documents.

  • Workflow:
    Transform your manual, paper-based business processes into automated, digital workflows.

  • Mobile and Remote Access:
    Remotely access all your information and participate in workflows directly from your mobile device.

  • Integration:
    Therefore™ seamlessly integrates with many of your existing software and hardware systems.

  • Security:
    All of your information is securely stored and backed up, and user access permissions are highly customisable.