Business Analytics

Digitalise your documents and information to drive strategic business decisions.

How does Information Management support Business Analytics?

Businesses and organisations must adopt data-driven decision-making to avoid lagging behind competitors. Information management software empowers reporting and business analytics by enabling efficient:

Data collection



By consolidating data from various sources in a centralised location, the software eliminates manual data entry and mitigates the risk of errors. Leveraging the power of data unlocks valuable insights into business performance and opportunities for enhancement.

The Benefits of Business Analytics

Measure KPI’s

Reporting on areas such as invoice processing, managing customer application volumes efficiently, optimising HR reports including absence and sickness records and employee turnover analysis.

Improve Workflows

Summarising key areas, such as process queue lengths, workload levels, process duration, employee performance, process bottlenecks, inefficient or manually intensive tasks to improve business workflows.

System Insights

Get valuable data-driven insights that enable businesses to identify areas of improvement, optimise processes, and make informed decisions, ultimately and driving organisational success.

Content Analytics

Identify and address potential content duplications, assess document volumes, and understand how employees engage with different content types. Ensuring easy access to relevant content.

Distinct features to make the most out of your analytical data


Many types of data points and functions to choose from, such as number tiles, graph tiles, workflow inbox, quick-save and quick-search.

Easy to set up and customise in a grid system that lets you choose the order, colour, size, and position of your various data points.

Create different dashboard views for different users or groups and share these throughout the organisation using built-in permission controls.

SQL Reporting

Generate reports based on index data or workflows

Schedule reports to be automatically generated and saved to Therefore™ at specified intervals

Customise your reports with Microsoft SQL Report Builder

Visually tailor reports to fit your company’s look and feel

View reports, edit parameters, create ad-hoc reports and save them from the Therefore™ Navigator

Integration with Power BI

Organisations can generate reports based on index data or workflows and seamlessly upload data to the Power BI cloud. Extends the viewing of dashboards on mobile devices via the Power BI app and embedding a Power BI dashboard directly in the Therefore™ solution. This integration ensures instantaneous and uncomplicated access to data, anytime and anywhere, empowering users with real-time insights.