Business Process Management Software

Streamline, Strengthen, and Maximise Business Processes with BPM.

Automation is not a choice anymore - it's a necessity.

Businesses that do not automate their processes will soon find themselves left behind in an ever-competitive marketplace. Automating workflows with information management solutions can provide a range of benefits to organisations, including improved efficiency, compliance, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.

Through Bryan S Ryan with the power of Therefore™, learn how with the right solution in place, your organisation can gain a competitive advantage by developing and implementing more effective workflows to drive business success.

Automate your document workflows at scale with Therefore™

Seamless Integration

Workflows can be easily designed using our drag and drop user interface. No programming!

Alerts and History

E-mail notifications for new tasks, late tasks and overdue tasks. Workflow history delivers a play-by-play overview of all actions.

Delegation and Collaboration

Delegate workflow tasks to individuals or groups. Workflows can be created on an individual document level, a case level, or a combination thereof.

Plug and Play

Endless integration possibilities through the Therefore™ REST API – use REST calls as part of a workflow to trigger integration and information exchanges with third party REST APIs.

There are many use cases for Business Process Management Software, but here are a few!

Invoice Processing
By automating the invoice processing workflow, your organisation can significantly boost employee productivity and efficiency. Manual invoice processing is labour-intensive and time-consuming, often leading to delays and errors. With streamlined processes, you can process invoices more swiftly, resulting in faster payment cycles, improved supplier relationships, and increase overall operational efficiency.

The captured solution seamlessly integrates into your document management systems and flows, enabling quick and easy access for future reference and analysis. This integration ensures a smooth workflow, allowing for efficient data transfer, collaboration, and reporting.

Get a document signed from the Therefore™ Viewer.

Upload the document to the e-signature provider and select the recipients, as well as the information needed from each signer.

The signers receive an email from the e-signature provider and can then easily sign the documents. These can thereafter be saved and indexed.


Automatically send out a document for signing, and save it back to Therefore™, without any user interaction.

Save a document in Therefore™ to start the workflow. The document is sent for signing according to the pre-configured signing template.

Once signed, the Therefore™ Content Connector will download any completed, signed documents from the eSignature provider.

Smart Collaboration

Therefore™ help companies of all sizes work more efficiently. Some of these collaboration tools include:

· Centralised access to information

· Version control and history

· Sharing documents with third-party editors using Microsoft OneDrive

· Mobile app and web access options

· Traceable approval workflows

· Easy ad-hoc tasks assignment

· Built-in PDF annotations

Our Enterprise-Grade Software Ranked #1 for Workflow Automation in 2022

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We help teams work more effectively

It works better when it works together.

Our integration with Microsoft Office Outlook, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and the possibility to integrate with dedicated systems via REST API guarantees all your information is easily available.

When your team works more efficiently, the bottom-line benefits.

According to Netsuite, “70% of companies that have automated more than one-fourth of their accounting functions report moderate or substantial ROI."

Eliminate the cost of paper and document storage completely.

Automate work to cut labour costs while increasing employee satisfaction, leading to lower, costly turnover rates.

Automation – the closest you can get to buying time.

Capture and retain important customers by wowing them with quick turnaround.

With the time saved through automation, employees have more time to spend with customers.

Workflows automatically route invoices to the correct employee or manager for approval; clear deadlines and escalation paths ensure reporting is finalised on time.

Don’t let your business be slowed down.

Share documents with external parties such as investors, creditors, and regulators through a customisable portal.

Don’t waste time looking for documents – Therefore™’s full-text search makes it easy to find what you need, so you can be prepared for anything.

Computer, phone, or tablet; office, home, or in-between, Therefore™ is accessible anywhere, anytime you need it.

Case management

Case Management allows you to manage your legal documentation on a case basis, resulting in improved visibility and collaboration, as well as more streamlined processes.

Protect confidential information

Secure content to protect confidential information and prevent unauthorised access. Role-based access models and granular permissions allow for fine-tuning exactly which actions each user can perform such as viewing, editing, exporting, or deleting information.

Compliance and auditing

Therefore™ provides full audit trail and traceability on document and user actions. This makes it easier to meet compliance standards and ensure all system actions are documented in case of audit.

Check in/check out

Prevent multiple concurrent versions of documents and secure a history of changes made. This is especially important when working with clients on multiple contract drafts.


Candidates can apply using a streamlined eForm that collects all relevant data and kicks off a workflow process.

The digital archive maintains a clear overview of all applicant documents, interviews, evaluations, and other details. Efficient recruiting processes save time, maintain transparency, and allow you to respond to candidates quickly.

Request Management

Internal forms streamline processes like vacation or leave requests, employee surveys, feedback forms, and more. Automatically link requests or surveys to approval workflows or analytic platforms.

Contract Management

Gain a clear accountability and overview of all employee contracts and their statuses. Automate procedures for renewing, signing and cancelling employment terms.


Flexible and robust permission control ensures that only authorised staff have access to sensitive employee data.

With full audit trail and traceability on document and user actions, companies can meet regulations pertaining to file and data protection.

Employee File Management

Securely store all documents pertaining to employees within digital binders for easy access and retrieval. Automate compliance with retention schedules for legally mandated time periods.

Employee Onboarding

Ensure all legal documentation is completed, and necessary provisioning such as IT equipment, workspace, and training schedules are in place for a new hire’s first day.

IT & Operations
Streamline Your Workflow and Boost Productivity

Maximise the efficiency of your business operations and eliminate costly errors with the power of automation. By integrating your CRM, payment systems, storage platforms, and more with Therefore™, you can experience the seamless synchronisation of your data, enabling it to work together in perfect harmony.

Get More Value from Your Tech Stack Investment

Make the most of your existing technology investments by leveraging Therefore™ capabilities. Our platform allows you to connect various tools and applications, unlocking the full potential of your tech stack.

Protected and secured

Rest easy with Therefore™ knowing that your sensitive customer information is secure. Powered by industry-leading technology to protect your valuable documents and data. With robust security measures in place, you can trust that we prioritise the confidentiality and integrity of your information, allowing you to focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

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