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Unlock rapid innovation with seamless cloud experiences everywhere.

Streamline your IT operations with

our customisable options, you can tailor your document and information management to suit your local infrastructure or opt for a scalable cloud solution that accommodates your growing needs.

Management in the Cloud

A highly scalable and customisable solution that accommodates growth as the business dictates. Giving the ability of a single user licence or to add as many as required throughout the term of use.

Management in current IT Infrastructure

On-premises is available in multiple editions to suit the exact needs of the business. With multiple editions from starter to top tier that integrate into a current IT stack.

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Management in the cloud

A robust service platform with full-featured information management that delivers state-of-the-art software from the cloud.

Operational Agility

Your information management should be saving you time, not costing you more. Let us handle server maintenance and updates. Freeing up your time and resources for mission-critical operations that help your business grow.


From SMB to Enterprise, our cloud solution lets you scale perfectly to meet your information management needs, whether you’re storing 1,000 documents or 1,000,000 (and beyond!). Our cloud solution grows with your business and can adjust rapidly to your needs.

Infrastructure and Data Centres

Our cloud solution offered by Therefore™ has partnered with Microsoft, a leading global IT service provider, to host the operations and infrastructure for Therefore™ Online.

Reduced Costs

Our flexible models allow you to optimise your expenses and plan for a sustainable cost model that provides the best ROI for your business. With no large up-front capital investment, you benefit from immediate access to enterprise-grade information management while keeping expenses low.

Improved Security

Benefit from the expertise of our knowledgeable engineers as well as the robust security of the Microsoft Azure platform. Rest assured knowing your information is protected by enterprise-grade technology and the experts to back it up.


Secure access for everyone – but not just anyone. Access from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy to take your information with you on the go.

You’re in safe hands. Trusted by your peers.

Management in current IT Infrastructure

On-premises is a full-featured information management solution that puts state-of-the-art software directly in your hands.

Security on Your Own Terms

Take complete control over the security of your information. Use your IT team’s specialised knowledge of your business needs to set up firewalls, access controls, and other security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.


Open for integration. An on-premises deployment offers you the chance to use standard connectors for integration with 3rd party systems, but also unlocks the full power of the available API.


With an on-premises deployment, you choose the exact hardware that powers your solution. This not only lets you choose the configuration that works best for you, but also lets you optimise the system performance to match your requirements or scale up as needed.


An on-premises deployment is a great choice for industries with specific data storage compliance requirements. If you’re required to store data in a specific location, whether that’s your own IT environment or a specific region, on-premises gives you the flexibility to choose.

Predictable ROI

In the long run, opting for on-premises deployment could prove to be the most economically advantageous choice for your business. By spreading out the cost of your hardware and infrastructure over an extended duration, you can potentially lower your overall ownership expenses and achieve a quicker return on investment.

Hayes McGrath LLP is a leading law firm with a reputation for the highest quality, rapid and reliable service for our clients. We are meticulously careful that our service partners empower our delivery of this level of care and Bryan S Ryan have consistently supported our document management needs for over a decade. Our account manager, John Jones, has helped us stay at the cutting edge with the latest and smartest solutions, reducing waste and maximising efficiencies. We trust Bryan S Ryan’s responsive customer support – although we rarely need to call them as the machines are robust enough to handle even our busy workload. We look forward to working with Bryan S Ryan for many more years to come.

Mary White
Practice Manager - Hayes McGrath LLP

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