Hanley Calibration


Hanley Calibration were established in 1992 and since then they have provided Calibration, Validation and Commissioning services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device industries, Oil & Gas industries and helped them to optimize and improve the quality of their process through comprehensive calibration, validation and commissioning solutions. With over 200 Clients, and over 200,000 calibrations performed each year, James Fogarty, Hanley’s Validation Director, decided to use SecurDoc, to enhance their client services, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

The problem

The challenge

The Bryan S Ryan solution

Calibration certs are scanned into SecurDoc on a high-speed Kyocera MFP (60 certs per minute), The Certs are indexed quickly in SecurDoc, by Client, Cert Type, and Date. The indexed certs are then automatically shared with the relevant client in a secure cloud folder only available to that client.

Extra benefits

  • No more manual filing or retrieval
  • Certs are automatically Backed up
  • Clients can instantly retrieve certs without any interaction with Hanley
  • Reduced printing costs
  • Reduced Labour costs
  • No more emailing of Certs
  • No phone calls from clients requesting a copy of a cert
  • Better Client Service, competitive edge for Hanley Calibration
  • Technicians can view previous certification onsite securely
  • Lower Carbon Footprint