National College of Ireland


National College of Ireland is a leading provider of third-level education to 3,500 full-time and parttime students. Founded in 1951 with barely 100 students and originally run by Jesuits, the college

now employs a full-time staff of 200 and occupies a 2-acre site in the heart of Dublin’s prestigious

Financial Services Centre.

The problem

Many universities and colleges use self-service credit top-up systems that enable students to

purchase print credit on campus. In 2007 NCI acquired one such “money-loader” system so that

students could buy credits needed to use campus machines for printing their typed notes,

dissertations for degrees, and other documents.

While this system was fine in theory, in practice it caused “continuous operational difficulties”,

which included not always correctly identifying the different monies lodged by students.

A series of troubleshooting visits by various technicians confirmed that there was a problem, but

failed to identify a solution. The result was that staff in the NCI library, which houses most of the

public printers and copiers, were under considerable pressure from students needing change

because the credit system had failed to deliver.

After struggling with the system for a number of years in what the college IT Manager described as a

“horrendous customer experience”, NCI decided to seek an alternative solution.

The challenge

NCI’s IT manager, Geraldine Minogue, assisted by a team of ten, has responsibility for a centralised

college IT service and the entire IT infrastructure and support services for college staff and students,

as well as the residents of the NCI Business Incubation Centre.

“It would be fair to say that all of this was achieved with the minimum of disruption to both staff and students within the college. Bryan S Ryan fully understood our challenges”

Professor, Ms Minogue

The Bryan S Ryan solution

In search of help, Ms Minogue turned to Bryan S Ryan, the Irish Managed Print Services and IT

services specialist, whose reputation she learned of through a contact in the IT industry. One

immediately reassuring aspect was that Bryan S Ryan had many years of experience in the field of

educational institutions.

A Bryan S Ryan representative visited NCI to assess the college’s needs and quickly realised that, in

addition to the immediate challenges, there were other areas that both parties could look at

enhancing customer services and delivering overall cost efficiencies.

Bryan S Ryan’s project team quickly moved through the gears in applying their SERVO MPS project

methodology. This approach, which has a proven track record in large MPS accounts and has been

fine-tuned over the years, incorporates five key metrics designed to offer clients enhanced

productivity and cost effective solutions.

The five key SERVO metrics are: Scope and Evaluate, Educate/Change Management process, Rollout/

Implementation, Value to the Client and Business Process Optimisation.

Speaking from her NCI office, Ms Minogue said: “Bryan S Ryan’s Sales Director, Gerry Cheung,

assured me they would have the replacement solution set up and fully operational in just four days –

a deadline that we absolutely had to meet. Frankly, I was quite sceptical because of the scale of the

problem: not just physically bringing in the hardware but also setting up the software, physically

adapting existing hardware and then transferring the student records to the new system’s


The Bryan S Ryan project team met and exceeded all the deadlines and demonstrated their

credentials in all aspects of what was a hugely positive outcome for both parties.

Ms Minogue was hugely impressed with Bryan S Ryan’s managed services approach, “It would be fair

to say that all of this was achieved with the minimum of disruption to both staff and students within

the college. Bryan S Ryan fully understood our challenges. It was their partnership approach with my

team that really stood out and which ultimately led to a successful implementation. I now have

confidence in a solution that is both reliable and resilient and meets all of the needs of a demanding


Extra benefits

This partnership approach has continued and phase two is currently been completed:

The second module of Bryan S Ryan’s rollout comprised a solution that would enable students to

print from their mobile devices. This was introduced by NCI in recognition of the growing use of such

technology, and has proved very popular with students. Ms Minogue said that, as with the cash loader system, “everything has worked faultlessly from day one, with no issues or hitches

whatsoever. We look forward to phase three with the same professionalism and dynamic approach.