Purple Panda


Purple Panda is a 100% Irish owned Office & Furniture Supplies company based in Dublin, offering discounted pricing on over 20,000 products which are all available for delivery on a next day basis nationwide.

A growing company with an increasing employee head count.

The problem

The challenge

As most staff were working remotely during the pandemic managing physical HR documentation efficiently became increasingly difficult.This was particularly challenging at the end of the month for payroll administrators. HR would email a request to staff for documentation, such as monthly expense sheets. The documents required approval and sign off by individual line managers for authorising payment.  To complete this process, remote workers had to print, sign, and scan the documents back to their line manager. The line manager in turn, had to review, print, and sign the documents then deliver them to HR for payment. This was a slow and onerous process for all involved.Once HR approved payments, all documents would be scanned for back up purposes and the physical copy filed into the employee folder. The whole process was hard to manage and costly in both printing and time due to duplication of work. There was also a concern in relation to GDPR compliance as multiple copies of documents could be stored on individual PC’s, Outlook accounts or physical workstations across the organisation.

The Bryan S Ryan solution

Purple Panda went to market for a solution to manage their data in a more simple and efficient manner. Having explored various products, they identified SecurDoc as the ideal match for their requirements. A major consideration when selecting a solution was that their files could not be locked into a proprietary system. When designing and implementing SecurDoc, Purple Panda along with Bryan S Ryan’s consultancy team, reviewed the current HR document processes. This afforded a great opportunity to identify areas which could be improved on when moving to a digital system. Implementation of SecurDoc has resulted in the following:

  • All documentation is submitted in digital form
  • Approval requests by line managers are authorised electronically
  • All employee files are stored electronically in SecurDoc
  • Integration with existing Cloud platform simplifies Remote working
  • Files are securely backed up for the required document retention period
  • GDPR compliance for HR documentation
  • Printing and Scanning is now eliminated from the process
  • As a result, the new Business Process has saved valuable time and afforded Purple Panda the opportunity to re-deploy their resources to other projects and business requirements

Extra benefits