Document Capture

Unlock the power of seamless information and documentation management by harnessing the intelligence of smart capture technology.

To remain efficient and effective, you require a comprehensive solution that can capture and categorise a data avalanche. Enter advanced information management solutions – the key to tackling the data deluge head-on.




Analyse data with utmost efficiency

Take advantage of electronic paper capture, which transforms physical documents into digital files, enabling seamless access, storage, and processing.

With the implementation of an advanced information management solution like Therefore™, your organisation can conquer the data challenge and harness its full potential to drive business success.


Intuitive scanning

Simple icon-based operation. A choice of 3-step scanning, configurable shortcuts for frequently performed tasks, or operation via your scanner’s panel buttons.

Efficient batch separation

Scan batches of documents into separate files or folders using a blank page, counter, zonal OCR, patch code or barcode (with optional module).

Easy-to-manage index files

Output rich index data files for each scanned document or page. Select from a wide range of available fields or pick up to 10 zones on a document for recognition.

How it works

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