Document Solutions For Human Resources

Human Resources departments require extensive documentation & keeping track of employee records. By implementing a document management system, HR departments can effectively manage confidential employee data, recruitment, file management & compliance.

How HR Departments Can Benefit

Employee Contracts:
Document management software empowers HR managers to easily record, track & document any changes to employee contracts. By automating employee contracts, renewal dates, outstanding documents require becomes very simple by using our software.

Employee Files: Storing employee documentation is streamlined, all documentation pertaining to employees can be stored in their detail.

Employee Confidentiality: Our document management system allows only authorised users to access specific documents, folders & employee details. Permission levels can also be set in order to

Compliance & GDPR: Document management solutions can assist in one of the several steps to becoming GDPR compliant. Our specialist team can assist with any queries you may have about DMS & copier security.

Analytics & Data Tracking: The ability to report on employee data can assist your organisation with employee retention rates, demographics & time tracking. This data can help your business reach KPI’s & make smarter business decisions.

Bryan S Ryan offer a comprehensive, easy to use & secure Document Management Solution designed for HR Departments allowing HR professionals to create, store & retrieve documents with ease. To speak to one of our document specialists contact our Document Management team.

For more information on our Document Management Solutions contact our team on 01 4047900 or email

Document Solutions for Human Resources

75% of Companies circulate sensitive physical documents as part of their HR workflow

35% of people print important e-mails and then file the paper copies

Document Management Solutions

• Increases security of employee information

• Improves access to employee files for those who need it

• Lower storage costs

• Creates more space in the office

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