Document Management For Legal

Legal Firms & Solicitors deal with thousands of documents on an annual basis. Traditionally document management would have comprised of multiple versions of a legal document being signed, reviewed & archived manually. This process is time consuming & can be quite costly in labour time.

On average, office workers spend 50 minutes per day looking for documents. Document Management solutions offer a digital workflow for legal practices in order to efficiently document, track & amend legal documents with ease.

How Can Legal Practices Can Benefit?

Smart Efficient Indexing: Our document management system allows legal professionals to capture client emails, letters case files, legal contracts or any notes that required to be added to the file. The latest OCR technology allows for advanced searching & indexation reducing the amount of manual layout required.

Archiving Made Simple: Archiving is automated with our document management solution. The legal executive can scan the updated document, auto indexing can archieve the document into a designated folder.

Workflows: By combining document management with our range of photocopiers & printers our solutions team can create smart workflows that document & save your legal executives time. By creating smart workflows the process becomes automated, secure & safe.

Security & Compliance: With GDPR legislation being implemented in May 2018, having a secure document workflow that helps your practice with security & compliance. Combined with our GDPR compliant photocopiers we can assist in several steps for becoming GDPR compliance.

Key Benefits For Solicitors

Cost Reductions: Cost reduction can be attributed by reducing the amount manual hours spent sourcing legal documents. Reducing time spent can allocate more time on other tasks.

Fast Processing & Client Response: By speeding up how legal documents are managed, creating workflows will reduce the time spent on filing & archiving manually.

Client Reporting: By digitally documenting the client interactions & billing can be reported on with ease.

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Document Management for Legal

• 80% of business-to-business transactions are underpinned by legally binding contracts and agreements

• A single employee spends 3-4 hours per week trying to find the right document

• On average proposals and contracts go through 6 revisions and often up to 5 people comment on each revision. This can produce 30 versions in various locations

Document Management Solution

• Storage Cost reduction

• Guarantees compliance

• More Productive Workforce by reducing time spent on contract management

• Ensures contracts and confidential information are secure

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