Cloud integrated or Server based Document management software solution that makes the capturing, indexing and retrieval of documents easy. Prefect for Finance, HR, Logistic and Quality Control departments of any size company. We configure custom user definable fields that suit you and your business. So you don't need to work within restrictive pre-determined index and search criteria that come out of the box with other solutions. Each solution is bespoke but at a very Cost Effective monthly charge. The software is Irish Revenue compliant and provides the infrastructure for HR and GDPR policies and compliance. Share and provide access to remote workers to documents and information securely from wherever they are working from. Never lose or misplace a document again, eliminate document storage requirements, filing cabinets and costly offsite storage.

Document Management Challenges – Can you relate to the following?


Printing electronic documents to store in a physical folder; expensive monthly costs for outsourced document storage facility; Physical files consume large areas of floor space or entire rooms: Locating misfiled documents squanders valuable employee time, costing your business time and money.


Fear of possible GDPR non-compliance fines; Lost or misplaced documents; Lengthy retention periods for Revenue and Statutory obligations require documents are held securely and are accessible for years to come.


Locating and retrieving accurate information is onerous and time consuming; Multiple Silos such as, Shared Drive, Cloud, One Drive, Local Drive are hard to manage - Remote workers have no access to physical files., sharing documents with clients is difficult; Inconsistent manual filing system becomes chaotic.

Why SecurDoc?

SecurDoc is a cost-effective user-friendly Document Management Solution, that offers the following benefits:

  • Capture physical and digital documents to a central location for secure storage
  • Electronic files are exported to SecurDoc via a virtual printer, reducing print costs by up to 30%
  • Eliminate the need to drill through countless folders on your Network to find a document
  • Share documents with clients easily without the need to email, copy, print or post
  • Remote workers can access documents from any location on any device
  • Enforce a file naming convention, giving structure and consistency to how files are organized
  • Revenue and GDPR compliance – Store files securely for the required retention period
  • Disaster Recovery plan in the event of fire, flood, or theft – Back-up
  • Instantly retrieve all information without leaving your desk
  • Brings great efficiencies to users of OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox. Shared Drives or physical filing storage solutions

Case Studies

Purple Panda

Purple Panda went to market for a solution to manage their data in a more simple and efficient manner. Having explored various products, they identified SecurDoc as the ideal match for their requirements. A major consideration when selecting a solution was that their files could not be locked into a proprietary system.

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Hanley Calibration

Hanley Calibration were established in 1992 and since then they have provided Calibration, Validation and Commissioning services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device industries, Oil & Gas industries and helped them to optimize and improve the quality of their process through comprehensive calibration, validation and commissioning solutions.

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