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In the modern world, we are surrounded by information. Yet finding the right information when making critical business decisions can often be difficult. With ThereforeTM, you can create, store, process, retrieve, manage, secure and analyse your information throughout your entire organisation. ThereforeTM is a flexible solution hosted On-Premise or in the Cloud.

The solution is Intuitive, enabling users to quickly and easily learn how to use the system.

ThereforeTM Information Management delivers the tools to affect the optimal availability and security of your business-critical information. It’s modular design supports the future requirements your organisation may have. Continuous product development guarantees continuity of the solution both now and in the future. You will also protect yourself from data security breaches, gain visibility into your operations, and boost productivity. It is a truly flexible and intuitive Information Management System


Staying ahead in a competitive marketplace require sufficient processes and the ability to use information as a strategic asset. With ThereforeTM you'll:


1.    Capture and Utilise your Information

Leverage your business information, regardless of its format example Electronic Documents or Paper Documents. Staff will benefit from Templates such as Therefore Case Management where Interrelated documents can be grouped for better visibility and retrieval.

2.    Have a Secure, Digital Repository
       Privacy by default. Privacy by design including:

  • Access Control & Permissions – Only authorised users can access the system. Permissions on content can easily be defined for individual users or user groups,
  • Anti-tamper measures – The system verifies the authenticity of documents each time they are retrieved.
  • Disaster recovery – Automatic backup storage ensures your data can be recovered in case of drive failure
  • ThereforeTM also enables GDPR Compliance: Therefore TM has been audited by independent third-party experts who attest that it enables clients to comply with Data protection requirements for software solutions as per the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

3.    Manage- Leverage Information as a Strategic Asset

  • Update, refresh and manage information effectively across all areas of your business.
  • Collaborate – Work simultaneously on documents with internal or external personnel. Easily track changes, assign tasks, and process information in workflows.
  • Integrate – Seamlessly integrate with any third-party Software, leveraging native integrations.
  • Retain – Comply with legal and regulatory requirements regarding confidentiality and document retention.
  • Access- Access your information anytime, anywhere. Your information moves with you.

4.    Automate & streamline your core business processes and gain greater efficiencies, visibility and consistency.

  • ThereforeTM Workflow – ThereforeTM automates core business processes with its powerful workflow engine. Multiple people can work simultaneously on a process, and the system automates many tasks in the background. Ensure that you never miss a deadline again!
  • ThereforeTM Content Connector – The Content Connector continually saves and indexes information from watched folders, e-mail boxes, digital signature providers, or cloud storage accounts. Automate the flow of information coming into your company!

Some immediate Benefits of ThereforeTM include:

  • Productivity: Recoup the time you lose to information searches and chaotic processes.
  • Reactivity: React to your customers’ needs in a timely, professional manner.
  • Visibility: Maintain a clear overview of your processes, track business-critical metrics.
  • Flexibility: Access your information anytime, anywhere. Easily upgrade and expand.
  • Security: Keep your information safe, secure and confidential.
  • Compliance: Align your processes to rules and regulations.

Case Study

TM Blinds

"Bryan S Ryan’s implementation of our Therefore solution has streamlined our entire order process. We have eliminated filing backlogs and have drastically reduced account queries. Our document management solution is scalable so that we can use it to benefit other areas of our business within the coming months"

Mr. Philip Casey, Financial Controller

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Renexxion Ireland

Bryan S Ryan have been a great company to work with from the start: listening to, and understanding, our company’s specific requirements; tailoring their solutions accordingly. Barbara, in particular, has provided a high level of personalised customer care and support, along with expert technical input and guidance from Aidan (Canon).

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