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Whether you choose to import, share and compare, store, distribute or print documents; provide your employees with a convenient and speedy means of accessing and working with essential information.

Completely transform the management and sharing of information within your business.

Say goodbye to missing information and the wastage of time searching for documents.

And say hello to swift and efficient flow of information that enhances your business's productivity and gives you a competitive edge.

Therefore™ for GDPR Compliance

Therefore™ software solutions have been verified and certified to enable an effective management of data in accordance to GDPR regulations.


Data protection and data subject rights for EU residents

See how you can gain complete control of your information

Automate workflows across every department and industry


Your customers depend on you for accurate information, delivered quickly and your workforce requires modern technology to keep up. Paperless is just the beginning.


Helping finance professionals improve efficiency and accuracy, enhance risk management and compliance, improve financial forecasting and planning, and improve collaboration and communication across the organisation.


Processes such as admissions, reviews, and finance are the backbone that allows schools to keep running. Streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing collaboration between educators and students can enhance the workday of the people behind the scenes.


Allow legal professionals to digitise documents, making it easier for them to access, search, and manage. This reduces the risk of misplacing important documents, improves the speed of retrieval, and makes collaboration more efficient.

Human Resources

HR departments can gain a competitive advantage through the development and implementation of effective HR strategies like on-boarding. By automating and streamlining administrative tasks, HR teams can allocate more time to strategic goals.


Information management plays a critical role in the healthcare industry by providing a variety of benefits to healthcare providers, patients, and medical professionals. Therefore™ helps healthcare providers improve their process by saving, storing and managing all patient-related and financial information.


Managing customer paperwork – orders, deliveries, customs forms, packing notes – can be a real challenge. In these competitive industries, delays and mistakes cost time and money. Therefore™ supports to streamline processes, enhance visibility, and optimise operational efficiency.


Without good access to information, processing a claim, contacting claimants or keeping track of policies may be challenging and expensive due to the vast amounts of documents in circulation. Improve operational efficiency to enhancing customer service and more.


The success of your builds depends upon numerous teams and individuals –With Therefore™ your project files are stored and viewed in one place, with the ability to automate tasks like sending forms to the owner for sign off, or even create time off request forms for the crew.

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The capabilities of Information Management Software


Information management software has revolutionised the way businesses capture and manage documents.

One of the most significant benefits is the ability to capture documents from a variety of sources. Capturing documents involves digitising paper documents and importing electronic files into a centralised digital repository. Therefore™ provides the tools to do all that and more.

By electronically archiving information, gain multiple benefits such as;

· Decreased costs

· Faster processing

· Mobile access

· Compliant archiving

Case Management

Case management is a process that involves the management of information and tasks associated with a particular case or project and its associated data and workflow tasks. It enables organisations to manage complex workflows, track progress, and collaborate on tasks related to specific cases.

Therefore™ Case Management allows you to:

· Manage groups of related documents such as legal cases, customer profiles, or project dossiers

· Create custom case headers with important information that applies to the whole case

· Save documents to individual categories within a case

· Build customised case-based workflows that react to information in the case and its individual documents


Organisations are dealing with more data than ever before. You need a solution to help capture and categorise the avalanche of information you need to be efficient and effective.

The benefits of electronic paper capture go beyond simply digitising paper documents. By making documents searchable and easily accessible in electronic form, businesses can save time and improve productivity. Documents can be indexed and organised by date, type, or other metadata, making it easier to find what you need quickly. In addition, electronic paper capture allows for more secure document storage, with the ability to set access controls and permissions for sensitive documents.


Providing a centralised view of information across systems, allowing for faster and more informed decision-making. This can help organisations to gain a more complete and accurate view of their data, enabling them to identify patterns and trends that can inform business strategy and drive growth.

Therefore™ makes it easy to connect to some of the most popular line-of-business solutions on the market.


Businesses can now access information and collaborate on projects from virtually anywhere in the world. This has opened up new possibilities for remote and hybrid working models, enabling employees to work from home, on the go, or in the office as needed. With Therefore’s™ information management, gain access regardless of location!


· Find, view, and save documents including pictures

· Process workflow tasks·

· Update index data

· Available for free on Android and iOS


· Access Therefore™ from anywhere through a web browser

· Find, view, and save documents of all types

· Process workflow tasks

· Custom reporting dashboards


Therefore™ makes it easier than ever to access the key analytics of your business processes.

Analytic information is vital for a company’s economic success and helps detect certain flaws or bottlenecks that need to be improved. Maximise the use of your Therefore™ system by getting real time analytics for all your business processes. Get the information most interesting to you, such as invoice processing time, sales reports, and more.

Make the most of your analytical data with;

· Customisable, built-in dashboards in the Therefore™ web client.

· An integration with Microsoft Power BI, a cloud-based analytics platform which provides real-time, interactive data dashboards that are simple to configure and use.

· A fully-fledged SQL reporting module for highly customised and detailed reports for long-term storage.

Manage information at scale.

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