What is GDPR?

In summary, The General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) will replace the current Data Protection Directive and is applicable to all Member States without the need for implementing national legislation. It comes into force on the 25th May 2018, which means organisations are working to very short timelines in implementing the minimum required changes to their businesses. What does it mean to the office technology market?


All organisations have a responsibility to appoint a Data Controller to implement appropriate and technical organisational measures to show the compliance of GDPR.
If and when necessary, an organisation should be able to demonstrate their compliance programmes to third parties, individuals or authorities. 

- According To Quocirca: “70% of organisations have suffered at least one or more accidental data breaches as a result of unsecured printing”

- IDC estimate that “By 2019, 25% of security spend will be driven by EU data protection regulation and privacy concerns. Jurisdiction issues among trading regions will not be resolved, leading to a patchwork of compliance regimes.”

- Whilst Clearswift researched that “35% of employees surveyed say they have access to organisation’ information above their pay grade.”

How do Bryan S Ryan help?

Your MFD is a “workstation” that generates a high volume of sensitive data through printing, copying & scanning. The integrity of this data will be under scrutiny as part of the overall GDPR regulations. You will benefit from our expertise in designing and implementing Global Configuration policies with some of the World’s largest Financial Services firms to other Organsiations with High Security lock down protocols to SME’s that require simple processes such as erasing data “real time” from the HDD on a MFD Our expertise is underpinned by our partnerships with Canon & Kyocera in applying best practice.

We also offer secure shredding and disposal programmes which are certified and traceable.


Clearly, deployments will differ and organisations will have their own specific security requirements. In this regard, our solutions team has designed a range of services and initiatives that will cater for the key considerations of your organisation principle.


For more information on how we can help you meet your minimum Security requirements contact:

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