HR Digitisation

Manage and control daily HR activities with complete control, access and visibility.

Unlock the power of automation to streamline HR operations and liberate valuable time from administrative tasks.

With an information management software solution, HR departments can enhance efficiency, accuracy, employee engagement and regulatory compliance. With the right solution Bryan S Ryan can bring a competitive edge by developing and implementing effective strategies for business success. Therefore™ empowers HR departments with tools to efficiently manage employees, automating administrative tasks and freeing up time for strategic objectives.

The benefits of HR Digitisation

Compliance and risk mitigation

Automate compliance-related tasks such as tracking employee certifications and licences, managing time-off and leave policies, and maintaining accurate employee records. By automating these tasks, Therefore™ can help ensure that HR departments remain compliant.

Employee engagement and retention

Provide employees with self-service access to HR information and resources. Therefore™ can help improve the employee experience and foster a sense of ownership and control over their employment.

Improved processes

Automate the administrative tasks, such as tracking employee hours and attendance, managing benefits enrolment and administration, handling performance reviews, and new employee onboarding.

Data-driven decision making

Make better data-driven decisions by providing real-time insights into key HR metrics such as employee turnover, training and development, and compensation and benefits. Helping to identify trends and patterns that indicate underlying issues or opportunities for improvement.

Case Management

Case management is a process that involves the management of information and tasks associated with a particular case or project and its associated data and workflow task.

Store an employee’s full records: CVs, annual review, certifications and more. You want to be able to view these documents, quickly see what has arrived and what’s still missing, processing them in connection to each other.

Easily design workflows around all the documents in the case, or a single document. With the Therefore™ Case Manager module, managing documents is significantly easier. All important documents are available together, at once, without extra effort.

Therefore™ in Action


Candidates can apply using a streamlined Therefore™ eForm that collects all relevant data and kicks off a workflow process. The digital archive maintains a clear overview of all applicant documents, interviews, evaluations, and other details.

Contract Management

Gain a clear accountability and overview of all employee contracts and their statuses. Automate procedures for renewing, signing and cancelling employment terms.


Securely store all documents pertaining to employees within digital binders for easy access and retrieval.

Data-driven decision making

Scheduled reporting and real-time analytic dashboards allow you to track KPIs like employee retention rates, demographics, survey results, onboarding time, and more.

Employee Onboarding

Ensure all legal documentation is completed, and necessary provisioning such as IT equipment, work space, and training schedules are in place for a new hire’s first day.

Request Management

Internal forms streamline processes like vacation or leave requests, employee surveys, feedback forms, and more. Automatically link requests or surveys to approval workflows or analytic platforms.

Employee File Management

Integrations with Microsoft Office Outlook, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and the possibility to integrate with dedicated HRM systems via REST API guarantees all your information is easily available.

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