Invoice Processing

Enhanced control, efficiency, and transparency in the accounts payable process.

Greatly reduce the time and effort required for manual data entry

Automatically extract and capture invoice information, increasing productivity and reducing the risks of human errors. Enable faster processing of approval cycles, accelerating the payment process and improving cash flow management. Provide your financial team with better visibility and transparency into the invoice lifecycle, allowing the tracking and monitoring of invoices in real-time.

Integrating with your current accounting systems, streamline the entire invoicing process and ensure accurate financial record-keeping. Optimise efficiency, accuracy, and control, leading to cost savings and enhanced business operations.

The benefits of an Invoice Automation

Cut costs

Avoid late payment fines and focus more on core business tasks

Boost efficiency

Cut time spent processing invoices while reducing human errors

Improve cashflow visibility

Fully track invoice status and make better-informed decisions

Strengthen compliance

Achieve stronger, more compliant audit trails and avoid fraud

See the integration with Xero in action

Integrate within the current financial tech stack with the Xero integrated solution.

Therefore™ in Action


Receiving multi-format invoices refers to the process of accepting invoices in various formats, including both paper and digital formats.


Extracting and automatically capturing invoice data refers to the process of using technology to automatically identify and extract relevant information from invoices without manual intervention.


By following a systematic approval, receive, and sign-off process, organisations ensure that work is completed satisfactorily, stakeholders are engaged in the review process, and formal authorisation is obtained.


These controls help ensure accuracy, compliance, and financial integrity throughout the payment process, safeguarding the organisations assets and reputation.


This process allows businesses to capture the information present on the paper invoice and store it electronically for further processing, archiving.


Verifying and validating payments involves the process of ensuring the accuracy, authenticity, and legitimacy of financial transactions, particularly cheques.


Archiving and storing invoices securely is crucial for businesses to maintain accurate financial records, ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and facilitate easy retrieval for future reference or audits.


The process of reporting and monitoring involves gathering, analysing, and tracking data and information to provide insights, measure performance, and make informed decisions.

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