Consultative Approach

At the heart of our business is a specific decision-making methodology that will form the core of our approach to large scale tenders and projects.

SERVO MPS has been developed and fine tuned over several years through the insight and experience of the staff at Bryan S Ryan. It produces the most appropriate and innovative results for our clients, whatever their needs, whatever their budget. It is tested, proven and traceable.

The Professional Services team assigned to your business will work through five levels:

1. Scope, Evaluate and Discuss your needs, as well as opportunities for greater efficiency and performance. Depending on the scale of the initial audit, we can roll out specific software tools to gather the required information. We will work with your IT Division to audit your existing workflow infrastructure ensuring correct compliance and the compatibility of your existing hardware and software. Typical Print Audits would include Volumetric Statistics and User Surveys.

2. Educate. We present the findings of this initial evaluation to the client.  We will discuss your existing and preferred fleet design, and hardware waste analysis. From this we will work with you to create a unified print policy as part of the MPS Solution.

3. Roll out & Implementation. We will draw up a Project Initiation Document (PID). This incorporates the proposed technical architecture, service model, commercial model, disposal and sanitisation of existing hardware, transition plans and ongoing training.  This ‘pilot site’ will be followed by a co-ordinated deployment, installation and testing of the MPS Solution.

4. Value. The Bryan S Ryan Professional Services team offers reduced costs and a very short, or instant, Return on Investment (ROI).

5. Optimisation and Value Added Services. Our Service Level Agreement provides constant monitoring and on-going improvement of your MPS Installation and Workflow.

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