Print Survey & Total Cost of Ownership

A Print Survey is an important business consideration. Bryan S Ryan has been helping clients with this since the introduction of multifunctional devices (MFD). Typically we identify areas which require attention and address same with cost effective solutions.

Statistics indicate that:

  • Most multinational organisations spend between 1% and 3% of total revenue on document output (GARTNER)
  • Most IT departments spend up to 15% of their time responding to printing and related issues (IDC).
  • Printers account for more than 50% of network traffic and up to 60% of helpdesk calls (Information Week)

A properly devised print strategy will:

  • reduce waste and unnecessary devices by employing ‘photocopiers’ as printers and scanners;
  • deliver a consistent user printing experience, thereby speeding up day to day operations;
  • future-proof investment;
  • help you purchase devices based on actual need, rather than guesswork.

Bryan S Ryan Fleet Manager is our preferred Print Audit Tool. Implemented as part of our SERVO MPS methodology, Fleet Manager will generate the following key data when providing our clients with impartial consultation on all aspects of their current printer fleet:

  • All printing and copying, together with the associated costs can be tracked and stored. The built in reporting system allows the administrator or finance department to see how much each printer and user is costing the company.
  • Automated tracking of overall print volume
  • Print profile on all mono prints by users or departments
  • Realistic information on current toner yields particularly on colour printers
  • Each printer can be assigned multiple price structures, allowing Fleet Manager to track what you charge the users for printing, as well as what the printing is costing you internally.  The financial data puts a value on the print volumes which in turn will identify future cost savings. This, in essence, will identify your Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Bryan S Ryan Print Manager will chart all findings to the client as part of our Print Audit Strategy and Total Cost of Ownership proposals.

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