Software Solutions

Making the most of your software solutions will affect your business in terms of cost and business efficiency.

This applies to all areas of the business, covering document management, document security and image scanning & manipulation. Bryan S Ryan provide a range of Software Suites offering numerous benefits, including a return on investment that can be achieved in months and the opportunity to optimise the full capabilities of your print related devices.

Document management software

For many companies, the time wasted filing documents, or trying to find mis-filed documents, is a hidden cost.  Add to this the cost of compliance to data protection and other regulations, and you will see the advantages of our document management solutions. There are two solutions offered by Bryan S Ryan, both offering a return on investment measurable in months, as well as facilitating the more efficient operation of your business.


This workgroup-based system makes collaborative working a simple reality. When colleagues can’t meet face to face, this software ensures that ‘electronic cabinets’ store relevant documentation associated with a job, which is then easily accessible. Its flexibility extends to specific copy, fax, email and scanning capabilities, allowing for items to be sent between colleagues, or to clients, at the touch of a button.


Alternatively, ThereforeTM is an enterprise system that grows to meet your expanding business needs. It reduces costs and allows for the reallocation of valued resources from administrative tasks to core business activities. Your team can access and use the information they need, processing it efficiently, economically and securely. It leads to a smarter company with increased efficiency.


Document security

As companies spend more money and resources on security systems and elaborate password schemes, the humble “paper interface” can be overlooked. Bryan S Ryan has a suite of solutions to prevent such security breaches, from the device-centric (KYOcontrol) to Corporate/Enterprise systems (uniFLOW and Equitrac).


This requires staff to identify themselves at the device (at any authorised location) before they can print their documents. This protects confidential documents from being picked up by an unauthorised user. The print data is safe on its way from the user’s PC to the printer due to encryption and safe storage on the print server. It also helps to control the cost of the document output by tracking and recording document activity company-wide.


uniFLOW saves companies time and money by providing effective controls over the entire print and multifunction printer (MFP) fleet. These include code controls, authorisation and tracking. uniFLOW is available in different versions and with different capabilities depending on the size and needs of the company. Its web-based architecture allows the software to be run across multiple buildings, locations or sites.


Equitrac Office software is seamlessly integrated and embedded within today's leading MFPs, including Bryan S Ryan’s premier Business Partners’ devices, Kyocera and Canon. Compatible with virtually all MFPs widely deployed in businesses today, including healthcare and financial institutions, the software provides control over authorisation and authentication, capture of all MFP activity, log-in, cost allocation, security and device optimisation.


Image scanning & manipulation

In the areas of image capture, manipulation, recognition and distribution, Bryan S Ryan can develop software that recognises a document, ‘reads’ certain information (e.g. Invoice totals) and then routes a copy to the correct department.


KYOeasyprint is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It will increase productivity by turning even the most complex printing routines into a one-click operation. Documents can be distributed simultaneously, while stationery and watermarks can be integrated automatically and printing can be conducted across multiple printers.

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