Photocopier Tiered Billing

Tiered billing is a method used to determine the cost of printing. The cost of printing is determined by the colour coverage used on the page. The photocopier or MFD has the ability to record the amount of ink used on each & then provide a breakdown of many pages consume colour/black toner. Tiered billing works on a different billing method to the traditional cost per copy.

How Traditional Billing Works

Below is an example of how the traditional cost per copy compares to tiered billing.

  • One fixed rate for black and white copies, another fixed rate for colour copies
  • Colour prints generally charged based on an industry standard of 5-6% coverage - no matter what the colour coverage is on the page.

How 3 Tiered Billing Works

  • Low Colour - Documents including a coloured stamp or logo, a few lines of colour highlighted text, emails and delivery notes.
  • Medium Colour - Standard business documents incorporating coloured charts or graphs, Excel spread sheets or Power Point presentations.
  • High Colour- Documents composed of colour graphics or photographs, e.g. marketing materials, brochures or Internet pages.


Kyocera Tiered Billing

Kyocera photocopiers & MFD’s provide the ability to track & monitor colour usage levels. This gives customers the ability to adapt a flexible billing. This pricing model can suit some businesses depending on their printing requirements.


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