IT Disaster Recovery

What is IT Disaster Recovery?

An IT disaster can be described as a low probability, high impact event. The event can be caused typically by fire, flood, malicious damage or prolonged power failure.

It results in all core IT systems being unavailable to internal and external users and, without a disaster recovery plan, could prove fatal for the company. In order to provide full protection for your company you need to have a disaster recovery strategy.

Why implement an IT Disaster Recovery Strategy?

An IT Recovery Strategy will keep your company’s core systems working through any event from an electricity failure through to a fire or flood. At Bryan S Ryan we offer IT disaster recovery solutions in three key areas:

  • We design your physical IT systems to be redundant protecting against hardware failure, protect against power failure through robust UPS systems and proactively monitor all production hardware and software systems 24/7.
  • We implement backup strategies that ensure all critical data is backed up and protected in the event of disasters beyond our control. This includes local and on-line backup solutions.
  • We replicate critical applications and data to nominated data centres thereby creating a mirror of your production environment ready for use in the event of a disaster.

Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan

The benefits of implementing an IT disaster recovery strategy means that you have the peace of mind in knowing that your IT systems can be fully recovered following a disaster or will continue to operate through hardware failure or power failures.

At Bryan S Ryan we plan time to recover (TTR) options to suit your business thereby designing the most effective disaster recovery solution for your business and budget. We offer a range of solutions suiting the SME and corporate client.

We can offer 1, 2, 4 or 8 hour disaster recovery options tailored to your business requirements.

Disaster Recovery Plan

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