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Information Security; keeping critical data in your office secure Today you rely on connected technology, processes and people. Agile working emerges, reshaping the office and how people create, share, and consume information. Your computers are guarded by firewalls, virus protection and even data encryption. But what about the valuable information on Paper? The documents that you print, fax or send? In today’s world it’s imperative that the documents and information within your organisation are just as secure as your IT functions.

Our Innovative Solutions will help you in recouping lost time on information searches, react to customer requirements in a timely manner on data requests, improve your overall internal processes and align your process to best practice standards and security protocols.

Trusted Expert Partner to work with you Our approach is one of a pro-active partnership with and we will gather an understanding of your infrastructure and culture to position us to clearly understand your current and future needs, to ensure success. Our partnership offers a proven service that meets your business case, with knowledge, experience and financial savings which will be enhanced over the coming years.

Discovery Workshop

Please register for an information management discovery workshop here.

The Key Reasons for Information Management


  • Employees lose up to 2 hours a day searching for information
  • It takes 5 – 20 mins to recover from an interruption
  • 60% of employees need remote/mobile access
  • 65% print paper copies to obtain signatures
  • 70% of documentation is re-created, at some point
  • 93% agree that processes take longer than necessary
  • Finding related information is time consuming
  • Collaboration with customers and suppliers is inefficient


  • 80% of business information is in documents
  • 69% store important documents in Outlook
  • The average document exists 17 times
  • 62% of companies are reliant on network shared drives
  • Collaborating and sharing is limited to email
  • 68% use Outlook for approval processes
  • Audit and retention is complex in mixed environment
  • 76% of employees admit to keeping local copies of documents

Cost Reduction

  • Printing costs between 5% & 15% of annual revenue
  • 23% of IT helpdesk issues are printer related
  • 66% have an initiative to reduce paper usage
  • Gathering data and transferring to computer is slow and costly
  • 65% of documents are discarded the day they are printed
  • Poor productivity costs up to 2 hours a day, per employee
  • Time is wasted recreating documents
  • Owners are concerned about fines for compliance breaches

Risk Management

  • 90% concerned by increased legislation/responsibilities
  • Health/safety and employee wellbeing seen as important
  • 25% of misfiled documents will never be found
  • 63% of employees use personal file sharing at work
  • Security/mobility balance concerns 57%
  • 91% of organisations have a poor of non existent strategy
  • 46% admit to using outdated information
  • 88% concerned about staying competitive

Information Lifecycle Review

Register for our Information Lifecycle review here.

What is the most important, sensitive or critical information you deal with?

Who can access the information and what security levels are in place?

What repetitive tasks are completed? (Day, Week, Month, Year)

What process is followed as the information flows between people and departments?

How many people are involved in each process?

How and where is your information stored and what is the retention process?

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